Donít have time to deal with the all the details of start-up? We will help you go from the idea in your mind, to a self-sufficient drive thru store six months after opening. This package is designed to take the majority of the load off of you, while saving you money. It will simplify your start up process by leaps and bounds. All of our other packages are included in this start-up management package. Here are some of the highlights of this package:

  • Research of sites and site selection

  • Locating a contractor for site development, and building construction if necessary

  • Researching and adhering to local, state, and federal codes

  • Client specific building design (important for branding)

  • Client specific site and building layout

  • Locating and training staff and management

  • Menu composition

  • Start-up marketing and long-term marketing structure

  • Marketing design

  • Client specific equipment selection

  • Products that make your drive thru more efficient



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